Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I got the call

I registered for the bone marrow donation program that one time when my friend Karl invited me to go. This was probably two years ago, and Karl later died from the cancer, rejecting the marrow he got.

Three weeks ago I got a phone call and email saying that I am a potential match for someone! So we had to setup a time to get my blood drawn, which we did, and I was told that if I was a match, I would be contacted, this was about a week ago. I was praying this morning that God would have his will be done with it. Guess what happened just over an hour later?

You guessed it, they called to say that after testing my blood, I am the match they wanted! I am sold on doing this, I do feel specifically that God has chosen me for it. The surgery should not be a big deal, it should be a two day recovery with mild tenderness afterward. Be praying for June 19, which is the day it is scheduled.

To make matters even wilder, I discovered that my friend Karl died on memorial day weekend last year. So this calling happened on the one year anniversary of his death. I think it is cool how things come full circle, and how God moves in our lives.


sumer said...

Wow crazy! I will definately be praying! Not to be superficial or anything but is there any compensation for this...just curious. :) Love you man!

DaveKerwin said...

No compensation unless I had wage loss, which I won't. But if I did, they would cover me. I don't think the boss is gonna discount me for it, so it should work out well.

Patrick said...

I think it's great that you're doing this. The pain of it will pass, but the memory of doing a good thing for another person will last. ;)

Damn proud of you!

-Your bro