Friday, June 20, 2008

What God took, and what God gave.

Yesterday was the bone marrow harvest surgery. If you read my previous post, then you know that this circumstance was God's will for me. To make things clear, I was not on a mission to help anyone, but God surely was, and he chose me and called me to do his work. If you have ever thought you heard the voice of God, then surely you know that there is NOTHING else you can do. It was because of a certainty in this being God's will that I was without shaky nerves or concern. I was at peace through the whole thing, and it went really really good. My doctor was the man who did the very first marrow harvest 28 years ago in Seattle. The nursing staff and residents were awesome, and the doc said it was one of the best of its kind in a while. They got a ton of marrow and my recovery has been on target with what was expected.

I did find out that the recipient is a nine year old boy. Don't know where he lives, or what his exact illness is, but I do know that he would have recieved the marrow this morning. My hope and prayer is that this will be part of something that will save his life but also part of a new thing God would do in his life that he may trust Jesus.

A very cool thing is something new that God is teaching me. I posted a while back about God's faithfullness to my family, specifically in keeping us financially afloat. In hindsight, what God did was take something away from me to give me something greater. God emptied my wallet, showed me that I need him, and blessed my socks off in return, not just monetarily, but this began a new work in my heart. In a similar fashion, God took my marrow away, and gave me something back, something greater. I have come to realize that what God has given me is a new heart. I have heard people say things before about what God was doing in their heart, but I think a big part of me had a boulder in front of it. In Ezekiel 11:19, it says: "I will give them an undivided heart and put a new spirit in them; I will remove from them their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh." I believe that this is the exact work God has been doing in my life. He has given me a one-track heart. I am the typical man who does not cry, does not feel, does not express. But as God is removing my boulder heart, new things are happening with my new heart. I am beginning to see the background story. The background story is what is happening behind the circumstances of life. Yesterday my circumstances are that I was in surgery to have something removed. If my sight was limited, I would be ignorant to the work God was desiring to do in my heart. I have learned that it is important to see BEYOND circumstances.

Remember the story of the Israelites after God freed them from slavery in Egypt? They were soon to be in the promised land, but instead the wandered in the desert for fourty years. They did all kinds of stupid things, but the reason God withheld the promised land is because he wanted his people to learn certain things. In Deuteronomy 8, it says that God gave his people hunger. Think about that, he made them hungry. Why? He wanted to test what was in their hearts, and he wanted to do a work in their lives. So after he made them hungry, he gave them manna from heaven. Likewise, after God took money from me, after God took flesh from me, he gave me something that I needed, and WITH it, came a new understanding, it was what God was up to in the background. The message beyond this new heart is this: I matter to Jesus. Now that may not be a big statement to some people, but based on my story, it is the redemptive call of Christ. To know God and to learn from him is incredible, I wish for others to know God as I am beginning to do.


Seanzies said...


Your "New Heart" has truly been showing lately. I'm very proud of what you have done and what you are continueing to work on. Relationships are all about the connection of the hearts. It could be yours and your wife, and yours and Gods. It doesn't matter who it is with. As your heart begins to open up more you will begin to reach those items that you have tucked away and buried deep into your heart for years. Items that you didn't even know you had buried. Recovering some of those will be difficult, but know and TRUST that God, and your fellow brothers, will be there along with you.
As always I am here for you and look forward to seeing your new awakened heart begin and continue to flurish.

God is smiling! :)


sue said...

I am truly proud of you and I am very lucky to have you as a co-worker and friend.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing about this Dave. I hope you continue to write about what you are learning. I appreciate your perspective and how much passion you have for the things that you do.


Anonymous said...

What did you do to Jason Kendall? He seems mad at you for some reason.